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Why we built Schedule

by Mark McDermott

Why we built Schedule

Schedule started out as an internal project for our digital agency as we grappled with the tricky task of resourcing our team.

We had used a few software tools to help but they generally fell into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Too complicated - The act of resourcing alone is hard, we don't want to have to fill in a massive form after every decision as well.
  2. Too slow - linked to issue 1 but some of the software (particularly those built in flash or flex) was incredibly slow to respond. Likewise the interface design was often very poor, unintuitive and pop up heavy!
  3. Too expensive - some of the 'per seat' costs would mean that we were paying north of $500 per month to resource our team of 20.

After several attempts we actually resorted to a shared Google spreadsheet. It wasn't actually that bad but it was hard to keep it scaling and had the big problem of not communicating. As much as you can beat it into people to check the schedule they won't. Email was the prime tool for communication as we wanted reminders coming out each day telling the resource what they were doing next and copying in their manager in case there were queries or more information required.

So we built Schedule.

Schedule is everything we need it to be and no more. We want the act of resourcing to be simple, fact and communicative. After a few months of using schedule ourselves efficiency within the agency had noticeably improved and everyone knew what they were doing all the time. It was at that point that we decided maybe the rest of the world would be interested also.

Happy scheduling.


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